Visit Casinos Close To Hyderabad And Satisfy Your Gambling Urge

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Casinos are illegal in Hyderabad (as they are in all of Telangana), so casino-craving Telugus need to travel out of state if they want a taste of that authentic gambling experience.

Fortunately, casinos are now closer and more available than ever, thus making it increasingly possible for Hyderabadis to take a spin at the roulette wheel of sit down for a hand of blackjack.

But where exactly are the closest casinos to Hyderabad and how do you get there? In this article, we will show you the best casinos and rank them according to their proximity to Hyderabad. Let’s get to it!


  • Distance to Hyderabad: 673.1 kilometers.
  • Travel Time By Plane: Direct flight – 1 hour and 15 minutes total flight time.

First on our list is Goa, the casino capital of India. In Goa you will find dozens of casinos of the highest quality in India. 

Some of these are land-based casino resorts featuring amazing hotel rooms, all-you-can-eat buffets and access to all the classic and most famous casino games.

On the other hand, Goa is also host to a number of so-called floating casinos. These are casinos that are based on ships which sail or are anchored in the river Mandovi.

No matter what type of casino experience you’re looking for, Goa is sure to satisfy your craving. And then it’s only a good 1-flight from Hyderabad, so you can basically travel out and go back on a weekend!


  • Distance to Hyderabad: 2033 kilometers.
  • Travel Time By Plane: 1 transit – 19 hours and 30 minutes total flight time.

Sikkim is one of the northernmost states of India, and located quite far from Hyderabad in comparison to Goa. The state is known for its natural beauty, oh, and casinos!

Unfortunately there are NO direct flights from Hyderabad to Gangtok (the capital of Sikkim, and the location of their casinos). 

Therefore, casino players traveling to Sikkim will need to transit in Kolkata and then board a plane for Gangtok. The whole travel time may take anywhere between 19 to 23 hours, so make sure you pack a good lunch!

If you do decide to make the long journey to Sikkim, you will certainly not be disappointed, as Sikkim is home to some spectacular casinos, including the Deltin Denzong and the Mayfair Spa Resort and Casino.


  • Distance to Hyderabad: 3696 kilometers.
  • Travel Time By Plane: 2 transits – 34 hours and 20 minutes total flight time.

Macau is the first destination on our list which is located outside of India. This autonomous region of China is, like Goa, an old Portuguese settlement which means: casinos are legal and popular here!

Macau boasts some of the world’s biggest casinos, which make the casinos of Goa look like doll houses in comparison.

In Macau, you will find world-famous casino mastodons such as the Grand Lisboa, a 47-story casino hotel with 800 gaming tables and 1000 slot machines.

Needless to say, the distance to Macau and the overall cost and time involved with traveling there makes it a destination that’s not attainable for the average casino curious Hyderabadi. 

However, if you have deep pockets, or if you consider yourself a well-traveled high roller, then Macau may yet be within your budget range. 

If you decide to give Macau a visit, the absolutely magnificent atmosphere of the casinos there, and the city of Macau itself is sure to blow you backwards and give you the vacation of a lifetime!

Las Vegas

  • Distance to Hyderabad: 13881 kilometers.
  • Travel Time By Plane: 2 transits – 24 hours and 35 minutes total flight time.

It’s impossible to write a travel article about the world’s greatest casino destinations without mentioning the casino capital of the world: Las Vegas!

In Las Vegas you will discover more than 60 different casinos, each of them offering a uniquely amazing experience.

In one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, the Mandalay Bay Resort, also known as “the gold-plated palace”, players will be able to indulge in more than 1700 slot machines and more than 200 different games.

And there are dozens of casino resorts on the Las Vegas strip alone which offers a similar variation and diversity of games.

With that said, in Las Vegas, the actual gambling will only be a relatively small part of your experience. You will also enjoy amazing restaurants, music shows, theater performances, swimming pools, rooftop bars, circuses, and much more. 

Las Vegas is, in its essence, an entertainment hub that offers gambling options in abundance, and much more!

In conclusion: if you’re a true casino fanatic, you need to visit Las Vegas at least once in your lifetime. There’s no two ways about it.

However, if you’re just getting started in the casino game, then there are lots of great opportunities to visit a casino closer to Hyderabad, and using a real money online casino could be a way to get started at a more affordable cost! #HydTravel #hydnews 

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